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Whether it is a simple or complex question, our team of Ultimate Decorators & ReDesigners™ are here to answer you.

We are here to provide you with the right information to help you move forward to achieve great success!

Same Day Marking, Review
& Feedback

Quizzes & Assignments are marked in a timely manner and returned to you with tons of feedback.

With our student focused team, we are able to review and respond to your submissions typically within the same day. 

This allows our students the comfort of knowing that their hard work and dedication is our first priority!

Live Telephone Coaching
From Your Tutor

Quick question? Need some guidance? Want to tell us about your success? Pick up the phone and give us a call!

At Ultimate Academy™, we remove the “distance” out of distance learning. 

We offer continuous personalized mentoring to help you feel connected and engaged. From our Founders Eileen and Greg Taylor, to our Manager of Client Experience and Tutoring, Jill Taylor and our Social Media Instructor and Tech Specialist, Blake Taylor and their teams, we are here to serve you and we are just a call, click, chat, or text away.

No Preset Schedule –
Work At Your Own Pace

Work at the pace of YOUR lifestyle, not others!

At Ultimate Academy™, you decide the timeline that you finish the course. You can work through the materiel as quickly or slowly as you wish – whatever suits your lifestyle. 

We want you to be comfortable learning the material whether you wish to fast track and complete it in a few weeks or whether you wish to take six months or more.

Fully Interactive Home Study Course




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Home Study Certification Course

In this online / home study program, you will cover everything discussed in the 5-Day Course.

From the comfort and convenience of your own home and on your own schedule, you will become
a Certified Decorator & ReDesigner™ and be able to take your natural talent and passion for decorating
and combine it with our proven system to transform the look of any property.

The Home Study Course also has the full business and sales training needed to transform you, into a successful
Decorator & ReDesigner. You will learn how to establish, manage, and grow your Decorating & ReDesign Business
and fulfill your dream of being a Decorator & ReDesigner and doing what you love! Plus, once you are ready, book your
one-on-one business coaching session with our business coach and mentor Greg Taylor – included in your purchase.

Work at your own pace through all of the material and simply contact us via phone, or email anytime
should you have a question or need some help with the material.

Become A Decorator! 

Students will acquire skills and techniques that are highly valuable in this field. Students will learn a proven decorating & redesign system that will enable them to launch a career! 

Graduates will be able to transform all types of spaces for their clients, from residential to commercial.  

Emphasis will be placed on 14 different interior design styles such as; Industrial, Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, and Rustic, just to name a few.

Decorating & Redesign Modern Bedroom

Learn Our Proven System

Students will learn our step-by-step system on how to decorate or redesign any space including; living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

You will learn the principles and elements of design such as; harmony, symmetry, rhythm, scale and balance for every room, starting from how to measure, to the ultimate layout of a room, to the final reveal.

With the best selection of furniture, fabric, flooring, window treatments and accessories, the ReDesigner will be able to transform any room into a beautiful, unique and harmonious living space, bringing the rooms to life!


As Easy As One, Two, Three

Following our proven Decorating and ReDesign system,you will transform any room into a beautiful space. 

Starting from the inspiration of your client and determining the style and the function that they wish for the room, to application of all of the different components, from flooring to layout, to furniture, to walls and windows, to lighting and accessories, this will all be brought together to create that perfect space! 

In this course, not only will you have the opportunity to apply this system but also have examples of every style of every room. 

Decorating & Redesign Modern Kitchen
Decorating & Redesign Comtemp. Room

Why Choose A Decorating & ReDesign Career?

This Is A Wonderful Business Opportunity!

According to Allied Market Research, the home decor market is expected to be a $664 Billion market by 2020… There is a growing consumer interest towards home decor! In fact, interior design jobs are expected to grow at the rate of 13% over the next decade! The Home Decor Industry is becoming “an it industry” according to!

This is a great home based business that has extremely low overhead and start up costs.

You can cater it perfectly to family life, whether you choose to operate on a full time, or part time basis.

What Do Decorators & ReDesigners Do?

We Create Beautiful Living Spaces

Creating beautiful living spaces for our clients to live in, according to their individual life style is what we do as ReDesigners.
Your passion for Decorating and Interior Design is the heart and soul of why this career is right for you. Decorators & ReDesigners have many roles, such as:

  • Performing ReDesign Consultations providing an Action Plan for clients to decorate their space
  • Cordinating and preforming ReDesign transformations for all types of properties – from condos and quaint bungalows to executive model home
  • Assisting Facilitating and selecting furniture and accessory rentals to create the perfect look
  • Transforming spaces for selling to get the best possible return on investment in the shortest amount of time
  • Creating the most appealing look and feel for everyone walking through the space; highlighting the positives and minimizing the negatives
  • Playing a pivotal role in helping clients through the exciting time of selling their home and moving into their new home
  • Providing our Home Staging clients with Colour Consultations to pick the perfect colour palette for their home
  • Providing One Day Room Makeovers including furniture selection, space planning, window treatments, flooring, lighting, fabric selection and personal décor shopping
  • Professional and Personal Organizing
  • Furniture Rental & Arrangement
  • Much More...

After Course Support

Ultimate ReDesign™ Support Plan

This is a FREE support plan that is included with your course.

You will have all the information and resources you need at your fingertips, giving you the confidence to take on any job and succeed.

With our Ultimate ReDesign™ Support Plan, you can contact Ultimate Academy directly through the ReDesign Support Hotline, anytime. 

Whether you are looking to place a special order, require access to our team of decorators, or simply need some advice on which accessory to choose, this support plan is in place to help you.

Whatever you need, we are here for you.

This plan is unlimited and never expires. 

Business Support Plan

This after course support plan is also included FREE with your course.

We understand that some aspects of starting your new Decorating & ReDesign career may be new to you.

Imagine having access to your own personal business coach.

This plan gives you the friendly & approachable support you need.

The Business Support Plan is designed to have you decorating, and doing what you love, right away!

This support system has proven to be very effective in helping many men and women pursue their passion and become successful entrepreneurs.


This program encompasses all aspects of how to decorate and redesign any space, including, flooring, walls, windows, furniture, lighting, colour, texture, fabrics and patterns, accessories and decor.

You will learn the principles and elements of design such as; harmony, symmetry, rhythm, scale and balance for every room, starting from how to measure, to the ultimate layout of a room, to the final reveal.

Our Decorating & ReDesign course is a comprehensive, step-by-step guideline to transform any room to suit the needs and wants of your client!


Included With Your Course

You will receive a multi volume, 1000 page colour manual set. This beautifully laid out and easy to
read program includes amazing visuals and detailed descriptions on every subject of the curriculum.
This is your reference point, not only during the program, but afterwards as well.

  • UDRC™ Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner Certification – to use on all your marketing and business material, in addition to the Certification Seal
  • 1000 page multi volume UDRC™ Decorating & ReDesign Course colour manual set
  • UDRC™ Decorating & ReDesign Business Course Workbook
  • Five full days with industry leader Eileen Taylor, as she passionately teaches you all about the Decorating & ReDesign industry and our proven system
  • Business sessions with trainer and mentor Greg Taylor, who shares with you his business knowledge gained over 25 years
  • Free LifeTime Decorator & ReDesign Support
  • Free Business Support Plan
  • Listing in the Ultimate Academy™ Need A Decorator Program
  • Membership to our exclusive graduate Facebook Group
  • Extensive preferred vendor and wholesaler list of products and services

UDRC™ Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner Certification

UDRC™ is a premium Decorating & ReDesign Certification. Displaying the UDRC™ Certification reflects that you have been
professionally trained and certified and operate under a Code of Conduct reflecting the highest ethical standards.
This certification verifies your professionalism in the industry and provides you with instant credibility.

After You Graduate

Decorating & Redesign Office

You Will:

  • You will be certified on how to assess and perform decorating and redesign consultations for all types of properties, residential or commercial.
  • You will have mastered decorating and redesign transformations for your clients; from selecting their perfect interior design style, to refinishing floors, to selecting counter tops, kitchen cupboards and beyond!
  • Be fully qualified to professionally engage in many activities including 1-Day Room Makeovers and Colour Consultations.
  • Graduates may take unlimited retakes of their home study course free of charge for 3 years! Why do we offer this? We offer Free Unlimited course retakes of Ultimate Academy™ Decorating & ReDesign Courses to give you peace of mind. Should you feel that given the vast amount of information covered in the course, that you would benefit from taking the course again, you are welcome to do so.

Need A Decorator Program

Upon graduating from Ultimate Academy™, you will be entered
into our Need A Decorator Program. 

Certified Ultimate Decorators & ReDesigners™ are in high demand and we are regularly contacted by persons looking for Certified Ultimate
Decorators & ReDesigners™ to decorate for them. 

Being a member of the Ultimate Academy’s™ Need A Decorator Program, enables you to receive Decorating leads in your area.

Ultimate Academy™ – Leverage The Product Line

Offer Your Clients The Complete Suite Of Services

As with your USC™ Certification, upon completion, Decorator & ReDesign Graduates will be able to add UDRC™ after their name. 

You will be able to integrate your Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner Certification™ (UDRC™) with your other certifications. 

Displaying this certification will be a further enhancement to your credentials and branding. This will enable you to further differentiate yourself as a professional and it will provide multiple income streams. 

Our Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™ Certification will perfectly complement your USC™ certification as you will be able to turn your staging clients into Decorating & ReDesign clients!

Whether you choose to implement Decorating & ReDesign into your successful Home Staging business, choose to pursue business opportunities within Decorating & ReDesign itself, or simply wish to add the knowledge of Decorating & ReDesign to your life belt of skills, we are confident that this course is for you!


Ready To Get Started? Here Is How It Works

  • Order your course by phone with your credit card, or online through our secure checkout
  • We ship you the complete Home Study Decorator & ReDesigner Course the next business day
  • Read through the material at your own pace, utilizing the Course Outline provided
  • After completing each quiz and assignment, email it directly to, Ultimate Academy™ for immediate review
  • Receive detailed feedback and comments on all your quizzes and assignments
  • By working together with Eileen Taylor and the Ultimate Academy™ team, receive further guidance on your exciting venture
  • If you have any questions, interact with Eileen Taylor and her team for ongoing personal support
  • Once you have completed the program, we send you your beautiful framed UDRC™ Certified Ultimate Decorator & ReDesigner™ certificate
  • You can continue to interact us as often and for as long as you need

Course Special & Payment Options

One Payment Option

$ 1495
Regular $2495.00
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Four Payment Option

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2 Course Package
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  • 4 mo. pymts of $548.75 & Save $1800
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SAVE $2000


3 Course Package
$ 2995
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  • HOME STAGING and/or FENG SHUI and/or
  • ORGANIZING and/or MARKETING and/or
  • Paid in 1 pymt & Save $3000 or
  • 4 mo. pymts of $823.75 & Save $2700
  • 6 mo pymts of $565.83 & Save $2600
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SAVE $3000


4 Course Package
$ 3995
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  • HOME STAGING and/or FENG SHUI and/or
  • ORGANIZING and/or MARKETING and/or
  • Paid In 1 pymt & Save $4000 or
  • 4 mo. pymts of $1098.75 & Save $3600
  • 6 mo. pymts of $749.16 & Save $3500
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SAVE $4000


5 Course Package
$ 4995
Regularly $9,995
  • HOME STAGING and/or FENG SHUI and/or
  • ORGANIZING and/or MARKETING and/or
  • Paid In 1 pymt & Save $5000 or
  • 4 mo. pymts of $1373.75 & Save $4500
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SAVE $5000


6 Course Package
$ 5995
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  • 4 mo. pymts of $1647.50 & Save $5400
  • 6 mo. pymts of $1115.83 & Save $5300
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  • All Prices Plus Applicable Tax
SAVE $6000