Feng Shui

3 Day Course


Eileen Taylor

In this in-class program, you will learn directly from Eileen Taylor herself, an industry leading Home Stager, Feng Shui Specialist, Professional Organizer and co-founder of Ultimate Academy™.


You will become a Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™ and be able to take your natural talent and passion for Feng Shui and combine it with our proven system to transform any property.

UFSC Certification Seal 300x300

UFSC™ Certification 

3 Day Feng Shui Into Interior Design

Interior Design

Into Interior Design? As a Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™, you be will be able to advise your clients on home selection, furniture placement, decorating their new place, room makeovers, and much more.

Why Ultimate Academy™?

  • You’ll become a UFSC™ Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™
  • The most comprehensive Feng Shui Course available today
  • Includes Feng Shui Business Training
  • A course modeled after our hugely successful Industry Leading Home Staging Program
  • In-class and On-Site Mentoring
  • Receive Feng Shui referrals from Eileen Taylor
  • All instruction by Eileen Taylor & Greg Taylor
  • No Final Exam to Write

Included In Your Purchase

While attending The UltimateStager Academy™ you will receive all the tools necessary to
become the successful Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™ (UFSC™) you’ve always dreamed of. You will receive:

  • UFSC™ Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™ Certification – to use on all your marketing and business material, in addition to the Certification Seal
  • 300 Page Multi Volume UFSC™
  • UFSC™ Ultimate Feng Shui Course Workbook
  • Three full days with industry leader Eileen Taylor, USC™, UFSC™ as she passionately teaches you all about Feng Shui, techniques, and our proven system
  • A half day with business guru Greg Taylor, who shares with you his business knowledge gained over 25 years
  • Free LifeTime Feng Shui Support
  • Free Business Support Plan
  • Free Feng Shui Business Template Package
  • Feng Shui Start Up Kit
  • Listing in the Ultimate Academy™ Feng Shui Referral Network
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Course Retakes For 3 Years
  • And of course, the confidence and knowledge to now turn your passion into your career!

UFSC™  Certification

UFSC™ Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™

The UFSC™ Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialist™ Certification is a premium Feng Shui Certification.
Displaying the UFSC™ Certification reflects that you have been professionally trained and certified
and operate using a proven system and under a Code of Conduct reflecting the highest ethical standards.
This certification verifies your professionalism in the industry and provides you with instant credibility.

After You Graduate 

  • You will be certified in Feng Shui for any type of property; including condos, vacant properties, occupied houses, model homes, executive homes, businesses, and everything in between.
  • You will join our Need A Feng Shui Specialist Program and receive referrals from Eileen Taylor herself.
  • Be fully qualified to professionally engage in many activities from Consultations & Transformations.
  • We are so confident in our program, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. With this exclusive guarantee, graduates may come back and attend the course again as many times as they like, absolutely FREE for 3 YEARS!
  • NO EXAM TO WRITE! Why? Because being relaxed is part of our Philosophy of Positive Learning. Learn comfortably without fearing a big intimidating exam at the end of the week.

Referral Program

Upon graduating from The UltimateStager Academy™,
you will be entered into our Need A Feng Shui Specialist Program.

Certified Ultimate Feng Shui Specialists™ are in high
demand and we are regularly contacted by persons looking
for a Certified Feng Shui Specialist™.

Being in The UltimateStager Academy™ Feng Shui Referral
Program means that you can receive Feng Shui leads in
your area, directly from Eileen Taylor.

Feng Shui Support Plan

This is a FREE support plan that is included with your course.

You will have all the  information and resources you need at your
fingertips, giving you the confidence to take on any job and succeed.

With our Feng Shui Support Plan, you can contact Eileen Taylor and
her team directly through the Ultimate Academy Hotline, anytime.
Whether you’re looking to place a special order, require access to our team of experts, or simply need some advice on which accessory
to choose, this support plan is in place to help you.

Whatever you need, we are here for you.

This plan is unlimited and never expires.

Business Support Plan

This after course support plan is also included FREE with your course. We understand that some aspects of starting your new
Feng Shui Career may be new to you.

Imagine having access to your own personal business guru.
This plan gives you the friendly & approachable support you need.

The Business Support Plan is designed to have you consulting and performing transformations, and doing what you love, right away!

This support system has proven to be very effective in helping
many women pursue their passion and become successful entrepreneurs. All of this is provided to you by our
Business Trainer and Coach, Greg Taylor. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Graduates may take unlimited class retakes of their course free of charge for 3 years!
Why do we offer this? We offer Free Unlimited class scheduled retakes of Ultimate Academy™ 
Feng Shui Courses to give you peace of mind. Should you feel that given the vast amount of information
covered in the course, that you would benefit from attending the course again, you are welcome to do so.

Attend a

Free Career Information Event

and get your new career started

 in just one week...

Attend and You Will:

  • See a great, informative presentation from Greg and Eileen Taylor
  • Have the opportunity to ask all your questions
  • Get some great insight into the Home Staging, Feng Shui & Professional Organizing Industries
  • See some of our work
  • Learn what makes a good Home Stager, Feng Shui Specialist, Professional Organizer & Ultimate Marketer
  • Meet some wonderful people just like yourself
  • Receive an information package to take home with you
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