Ultimate Marketer

Course Reviews

Angel Olga

Olga Angel, UCMS™ 
Certified Ultimate Marketing Specialist™

The Ultimate Marketer Course is definitely a way for us to take our business to a new level. Keeping ourselves up to date with technology is very important. The way we were taught in class was very INTERACTING and HANDS ON. I feel CONFIDENT now and can keep up with social media. Thank you so much!

Colleen certificate 250x250

Colleen Braithwaite, UCMS™ 
Certified Ultimate Marketing Specialist™

Spending the last three days at Ultimate Academy™ has once again been an AWESOME experience! Greg, Eileen, Jill, Blake and Sarah are the greatest mentors – they are very helpful, accommodating but best of all, KNOWLEDEGABLE! My package is complete! Thanks again!!!

Ron Kelman

Ron Kelman, UCMS™ 
Certified Ultimate Marketing Specialist™

I took Ultimate Academy’s™ Ultimate Marketer Course on September 21-23, 2017 with Greg and Eileen and their children Blake, Sarah and Jill. Taking this course was a tremendous BLESSING for me! Not only did I learn everything I did not know about a subject matter, but I was blessed by being in the company of many fabulous people and most of all, what I consider to be one of Canada’s most remarkable families… their COLLECTIVE teaching was outstanding!

Esperanza Palomino

Esperanza Palomino, UCMS™ 
Certified Ultimate Marketing Specialist™

I am proud to say that I enjoyed every moment that I spent at Ultimate Academy™! I thank my teachers – Eileen, Greg, Jill, Blake and Sarah – for their support and guidance and for making me who I am now. I am ready to start my own business! I wish all the very best for the Academy!

Maggie certificate 250x250

Maggie Keaveney, UCMS™ 
Certified Ultimate Marketing Specialist™

The Ultimate Marketer Course opened my eyes and IMAGINATION. The possibilities are endless for me to effectively market my business with a little effort in scheduled time. Thanks to Team Taylor for giving me the opportunity to realize my potential!

Erica Szeto

Erica Szeto, UCMS™ 
Certified Ultimate Marketing Specialist™

I am so happy I took Ultimate Academy’s 3-Day Ultimate Marketer Course! It was such a friendly environment with amazing hands-on experience! This course covers all you need to know about being the Ultimate Marketer! Greg, Eileen and Jill are so supportive and nice, and really help you to understand and put the material you learn into practice!

Sukhdeep certificate 250x250

Sukhdeep Dhillon, UCMS™ 
Certified Ultimate Marketing Specialist™

Hi, my name is Sukhdeep Dhillon. I would like to take a moment to thank Ultimate Academy™ for helping myself to CONNECT with the world and expand my business in a fast and easy way through online marketing and social media. I learned about the POWER of using social media! Greg and Eileen are a wonderful couple and team! I appreciate their hospitality, love, care for one another and moreover, bringing out the best in you through their teaching and inspiring words. I feel like I have known them forever! I have also done Home Staging and Feng Shui with Greg and Eileen, and am looking forward to doing Professional Organizing soon as well! Thank you to Jill, Blake and Sarah for sharing their KNOWLEDGE. It was a pleasure to know the Ultimate Academy™ Team!

Roxanne Mianscum

Roxanne Mianscum, UCMS™ 
Certified Ultimate Marketing Specialist™

The criteria helped my personal and business profile to gain more viewers and gain skills to draw in more customers for a lasting relationship! Social media platforms helped me expand my business on a whole different level! I really loved the INTIMATE classroom with teacher and students! I HIGHLY recommend to others to take this course – not only for business reasons but for personal as well. This course helped me to evolve with everyone around! Social media is one thing my company will now partake in!

Audrey Muskovitch, UCMS™ 
Certified Ultimate Marketing Specialist™

The Ultimate Marketer Course is an excellent tool to get your business up and running! Social Media is a necessary evil and must be utilized for SUCCESS! Lots of information to digest. Highly recommended!
Thanks so much!

Jessica Ferg, UCMS™ 
Certified Ultimate Marketing Specialist™

If you are intimidated by Social Media and Marketing, this course
gives you a great overview and gets you setup and headed in
the right direction!

Arta Safavi, UCMS™ 
Certified Ultimate Marketing Specialist™

The Ultimate Marketer Course is very THOROUGH and detailed! I have to say it’s a great asset and it compliments the other courses offered at Ultimate Academy™, or even any other business you may have. As a previous business owner, I first thought there might not be much to learn or add to the knowledge I already have. One thing for sure is that I realized how much I didn’t know. Taking this course is a huge eye opener to the world of social media and marketing and how to effectively utilize it to benefit your business! Eileen, Greg, Jill and Sarah, thank you for making this course available and in other words, sharing all of your achieved business experiences and knowledge to us as students in a detailed and thorough nutshell!!